happy 25th birthday tiffany!

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Happy Birthday Tiffany! 
Our eyesmile queen, our sunshine. Gosh, I have so much to say about you!! A god given angel, you are such an amazing person, your impact on me and other sones is 'indestructible' haha :)) Your such an amazing singer, actress, model, you name it, you're perfect at it. I hope your birthday is 'THE BEST' one yet! Have fun with your other members, and I hope Nichkhun treats you right (If you know what I  mean tho)
Chigeumeun, Soneyuhshidae!!! 

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i really like how Girls’ Generation has been reaching out to Spanish speaking countries.



our girls are becoming global stars!!

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Because I need Grandma Taeyeon walking on my blog.

aww~ [x]

aww~ [x]

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dumbsoo pitching her signed ball